Seven Deadly Sins AND HOW TO AVOID THEM: Interviews

Published Online: Monday, October 1, 2007
  1. ARRIVING LATE?Set 2 alarm clocks, and allow more than enough travel time.
  2. DRESSING INFORMALLY?Have a dry-cleaned, conservative business suit ready to go.
  3. POOR EYE CONTACT?Concentrate on maintaining eye contact throughout the interview. Eye contact is not the same as staring.
  4. ASKING ONLY SELF-SERVING QUESTIONS?Prepare questions that show your interest in the position or company.
  5. DEMONSTRATING IGNORANCE ABOUT THE HIRING COMPANY?Do some background research on the company before the interview.
  6. USING EVERYDAY LANGUAGE AND SPEECH PATTERNS?Practice interviewing and using professional terminology where appropriate. Avoid ?like,? ?ya know,? ?really,? and ?OK?? when they are simply fillers.
  7. FAILING TO ADDRESS THE QUESTION ASKED?Be careful to listen to the question and understand it before answering.

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