Seven Deadly Sins AND HOW TO AVOID THEM: R?sum?

Published Online: Monday, October 1, 2007
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  1. SPELLING ERRORS?Proof, reproof, and have at least 2 reviewers proof your r?sum?.
  2. DIRTY/UNCLEAR PRINT?Print in traditional fonts with a size of at least 12 points, using a laser printer.
  3. POOR QUALITY PAPER?Purchase a high-grade, heavy bonded paper.
  4. WEAK CAREER OBJECTIVE?Write an objective that is ?employer-oriented? and not purely self-serving.
  5. NO COVER LETTER?Attach a cover letter that introduces you and your interest in the position.
  6. EXTRANEOUS MARKS, FOLDS, WRINKLES, TEARS?Keep your r?sum?s in a firm, closed folder.
  7. IMPERSONAL MAILING ADDRESS?Send your r?sum? to the individual who will make the hiring decision?not to the company or ?to whom it may concern.?

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