Pharmacy Times Featured on NBC's Today Show

JUNE 27, 2013
NBC’s national morning show highlighted pharmacists’ top recommended OTC products as presented by Pharmacy Times and U.S. News & World Report, showcasing the importance of pharmacists as a valuable patient resource on national television.

Pharmacy Times readers know how important pharmacists are in helping patients choose suitable OTC products, and now the 4.5 million television viewers and countless online visitors of NBC’s Today Show do as well. On June 19, the show aired a segment on pharmacists’ top recommended OTC products for 2013-2014 as presented by Pharmacy Times and U.S. News & World Report.
“When it comes to treatment, it’s often pharmacists who are on the front lines,” said Today Show host Matt Lauer. “Pharmacists … sell the products and then they hear from the customers when they come back about which ones work and don’t work.”
The 2013-2014 Top Health Product recommendations from Pharmacy Times and U.S. News & World Report rank more than 1000 OTC products divided into more than 160 therapeutic categories. They are based on an annual survey of pharmacists that is now in its 17th year. To access the results, which were released this week, go to or This survey is included in the print edition of OTC Guide, which is mailed with the June issue of Pharmacy Times and will reach 168,000 pharmacists nationwide. It will also be available via a new mobile app on the iOS platform, which can be found by searching “OTC Guide.”
“Today’s pharmacist has the training to make OTC product recommendations and he or she is comfortable in that role,” writes Pharmacy Times Editor-in-Chief Fred Eckel, RPh, MS, in his editorial in the OTC Guide. “Pharmacy Times is proud of the role we have played in both promoting this role for pharmacy and educating pharmacists about OTC products.”
In addition to this annual roundup of OTC product recommendations, Pharmacy Time’ provides extensive coverage of OTC products and their use, including our monthly OTC Product News, OTC Case Studies, and OTC Focus pieces.
To watch the NBC Today Show segment featuring pharmacists’ top recommended OTC products for 2013, click here.

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