Pharmacy Times Sponsors Panel Discussion on Retail Clinics and Health Care Reform

Daniel Weiss, Senior Editor
Published Online: Tuesday, November 19, 2013
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Pharmacy Times, the American Journal of Managed Care, and the Convenient Care Association presented a panel discussion on how the Affordable Care Act is affecting the health care landscape and opportunities it is offering to retail clinics.

Pharmacy Times and the American Journal of Managed Care have partnered with the Convenient Care Association to present a panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities surrounding the implementation of the Affordable Care Act for pharmacists, retail clinics, and managed care. The panel discussion, which featured top industry leaders and innovators, was held at the Union League of Philadelphia on November 18, 2013. (The Convenient Care Association is a Strategic Alliance Partner of Pharmacy Times.)
Retail clinics are currently located in 40 states and the District of Columbia and provide patient care with expanded hours and more convenient locations than conventional doctors’ offices. The clinics are typically open nights and weekends and are located in pharmacies, health systems, workplaces, and even public recreation centers. They are poised to play an important role in providing care for the estimated 30 million Americans who will obtain health insurance as a result of the implementation of health care reform.
Traditionally, retail clinics have provided acute care. However, several panelists noted that the clinics are branching out into management of obesity and other chronic conditions, filling gaps in patient care, and helping patients to quit smoking. In addition, panelists discussed innovations their companies were pioneering, such as telemedicine kiosks that allow physicians to consult with patients via audiovisual link-up. Panelists also discussed involving pharmacists in care provided by retail clinics to help increase medication adherence and address issues relating to polypharmacy.
The panel discussion was moderated by Tine Hansen-Turton, MGA, JD, FCPP, FAAN, executive director of the Convenient Care Association, and included the following participants:
  • Kenneth J. Berndt, Chief Executive Officer, Geisinger Careworks
  • Hugh Cathey, Chief Revenue Officer, HealthSpot, Inc
  • Webster Golinkin, Chief Executive Officer, RediClinic
  • Alan E. London, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Consumer Solutions Group, Take Care Health Systems, Walgreens
  • Dean Parry, Director, Pharmacy Clinical Programs, Geisinger Health System
  • Angela Patterson, MS, FNP-BC, Chief Nurse Practitioner Officer, CVS/MinuteClinic
  • Sue Schick, Chief Executive Officer, United HealthCare, Pennsylvania & Delaware
  • Joshua Tirado, MBA, Group Manager, Clinics at Target, Target Corporation
  • William Wright, JD, MTS, Director and Chief Legal Officer, The Little Clinic

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