Pharmacy Times Reveals Pharmacists' OTC Favorites

Published Online: Monday, June 23, 2014
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The 2014 OTC Guide supplement issue, website, and mobile app, touted on the TODAY show, announce the most recommended OTC products in more than 150 categories.

The collective recommendations of thousands of pharmacists were revealed on June 18, when Pharmacy Times, in collaboration with U.S. News & World Report, announced pharmacists’ Top Recommended OTC Products for 2014-2015. These survey results are compiled each year for the annual OTC Guide supplement, the website, and the OTC Guide mobile app, all available now.

The new mobile app will allow consumers and pharmacists to bring these rankings right into the pharmacy aisle. The app, which offers top OTC recommendations, patient guides in 14 therapeutic areas, and additional resources, is available for Android and iOS devices.

For the second consecutive year, these pharmacist ranking results were revealed during a feature segment on NBC’s TODAY Show. The segment, which reached more than 25 million people, not only highlighted several of the 150-plus product categories and winning brands, it drove home the important role pharmacists play in health care. 
Several times throughout the feature segment, Matt Lauer and Dr. Roshini Raj commented on the value of pharmacists.

“Pharmacists, more than doctors, are really in the trenches with people when it comes to OTC meds," said TODAY contributor Dr. Raj. "They hear people’s questions, likes, and dislikes about various products."

In 2012, Pharmacy Times and U.S. News & World Report began collaborating to bring these pharmacist recommendations to consumers nationwide. Through U.S. News & World Report’s website,, consumers have unprecedented—and searchable—access to the wealth of information produced by Pharmacy Times’ annual OTC survey, now in its 18th year.

This valuable resource brings the recommendations of thousands of pharmacists directly to consumers, covering 1100 over-the-counter brands and more than 150 product categories.

Pharmacy Times is proud to help shine a spotlight on the impactful work of pharmacists around the country. 

Please visit and download the OTC Guide App for Android or iOS today to see the full list of pharmacists’ OTC product rankings.

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