Cold/Flu Podcast #2

Key Finding #2 - Does an Uncertain Economy Increase the Importance of OTC Cold and Flu Products?

As promised in the first newsletter, the second of five audio podcasts is now available at


• The Pharmacist O.T.C. survey showed, most pharmacists expect the economic downturn to increase the importance of OTC products, with more patients opting for these instead of prescription drugs. Additionally, almost all pharmacists agree that when they make a recommendation for an OTC cold and flu product, patients usually purchase the product.

• Pharmacists who attended the recent roundtable discussion about the survey agreed with the results, noting patients rarely seek the right products and should look to their pharmacists for recommendations. Further, attendees agreed that patients consider a pharmacist’s opinion just as important as those from their doctor.

• Stay tuned for future updates that will reveal more about the pharmacists role, providing counsel and making recommendations, in key findings three-five from the survey.