Flip the Pharmacy Initiative Aims to Transform Community Pharmacy

There are 20 practice transformation teams from 27 states chosen to participate in the first cohort of the multiyear Flip the Pharmacy program.

The Community Pharmacy Foundation (CPF) and CPESN USA are partnering to offer a new funding opportunity for community pharmacies. The initiative is known as Flip the Pharmacy.

According to the CPESN website, Flip the Pharmacy aims to transform community-based pharmacies using a “flip” away from point-in-time, prescription-level care processes, and business models to longitudinal and patient-level care processes, and business models through the use of hands-on coaching.1

Beth Bryan, PharmD, owner of Surgoinsville Pharmacy in Tennessee, says that the new workflow model within Flip the Pharmacy removes the stigma of competition between independent pharmacies, and it allows them to unify and grow together.

“Our goal is to have the time in everyday workflow to make therapeutic and clinical interventions that will result in an overall positive health impact for patients. This goal aligns perfectly with Flip the Pharmacy, as it strives to move employees into a role that complements the needs of [their] patient population and allow[s] the pharmacist to focus on the patient,” said Bryan.

Currently, there are 20 Practice Transformation Teams from 27 states that were chosen to participate in the first cohort of the multiyear program. Flip the Pharmacy will award qualified Practice Transformation Teams with funding and resources to act as implementation arms for locally-based community pharmacy practice transformation efforts.

“Pharmacy has generated an abundance of innovation over the past 20 years, but we’ve lacked the wherewithal to scale that innovation,” said Troy Trygstad, executive director of CPESN USA and editor-in-chief of Pharmacy Times®, in a CPESN press release.2 “We now have a 20-year runway of opportunity following the publication of the Asheville Project, but no scalable and market-based value proposition to an increasingly consolidated health care system that is screaming for clinical outcomes that are usually dependent on optimizing medication use.”

Six transformation domains have been identified as key components of the initiative's efforts, and implementation will be supported at the pharmacy level by transformation coaches. The transformation domains are as follows1:

  • Leveraging the appointment-based model
  • Improving patient follow up and monitoring
  • Developing new roles for non-pharmacist support staff
  • Optimizing the utilization of technology and electronic care plans
  • Establishing working relationships with other care team members
  • Developing the business model and expressing value

The first cohort of teams covers all regions of the country, and they have each committed to engaging and deploying more than 70 Practice Transformation Coaches to more than 500 pharmacies across the country, to implement these 6 key transformation domains. Over the 5-year partnership, the program aims to graduate more than 1000 pharmacies from a 2-year transformation process.3

“The Community Pharmacy Foundation has a long and successful history of funding innovation efforts to advance community pharmacy practice and patient care delivery. The Foundation will introduce a new category of grant funding to their existing funding portfolio with this award of over $3.3 million to transform teams in the first 2 years of the program. Flip the Pharmacy augments the footprint and influence of CPF on the sustainability of community-based pharmacies by partnering with CPESN® USA to add an implementation component to its grant funding activities,” CPF states in a company press release.2

The next grant application deadline will be in June of 2020.1

For Bryan, the hope is that this initiative will leave more time for pharmacists to focus on what matters. “We hope this initiative will free up the pharmacist to provide enhanced services to patients that improve the quality of life for patients in every community. The pharmacist will be able to promote patient touch points that will positively impact their clinical outcomes,” said Bryan.


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