National Pharmacy Technician Day Recognizes Tech Roles

OCTOBER 23, 2015
Ryan Marotta, CPhT, Assistant Editor
Pharmacists across the nation expressed their gratitude for pharmacy technicians in recognition of National Pharmacy Technician Day on October 20.

The occasion did not go unrecognized on social media, with pharmacists and pharmacies tweeting messages like: A number of technicians chose to show off their tech pride by simply sharing their stories. In exclusive interviews with Pharmacy Times, the following technicians explained why their profession should be celebrated. Their experiences highlight the varied yet essential roles that technicians play on the pharmacy team.

Pam Crossman, CPhT
Pharmacy Supervisor, Lakeland HealthCare
St. Joseph, MI

“I have been a pharmacy technician for just over 40 years, and every single day, I have had the opportunity to help others and inspire my staff. I have worked for the same health care system my entire career, and I have always championed for technician education and certification in our organization.

“One of the things I am particularly proud of is my position on the Healthcare Advisory Board for 2 local community colleges, the technician students of which I mentor during their internships. As technicians are trained and educated for their expanding role in today’s complex health care environment, I feel that that it is my duty to make sure my students and staff are ready to meet the challenges the future of pharmacy holds for all of us.

“Pharmacy technicians play a very important role in patient care and safety, and as we all know, behind every good pharmacist is a great technician! National Pharmacy Technician Day should be an important celebration for all of us in the Pharmacy field.”

Diane Halvorson, RPhTech, CPhT
Board Member and Former President, North Dakota Board of Pharmacy
Fargo, ND

“People often ask me, ‘What does it mean to be a pharmacy technician?’ I respond that being a pharmacy technician means that I am engaged in a profession that focuses on the patient. It is through the excellence of the pharmacy technician that pharmacists are able to achieve the best clinical role possible.

“Throughout my years as a pharmacy technician, I have watched the profession excel from the basic roles that technicians initially played to today, where we are an intricate part of the day-to-day duties of the pharmacy. I enjoy knowing that, through my field of expertise, the pharmacy at which I work at is able to be the best it can be as we strive for pharmaceutical excellence.

“All good things deserve to be celebrated! With that, Pharmacy Week and National Pharmacy Technician Day give us the opportunity to inform the public of the great things we do on a daily basis to make the process of getting medications the best experience it can be. We need to embrace the great things we do, as it will allow our patients to identify the importance of our roles.”