4 Ways the Pharmacy Technician Profession Is Changing

MARCH 17, 2016
Ryan Marotta, Assistant Editor
4. Pharmacy Techs Are Serving as Patient Advocates
Technicians have long served as a source of communication between pharmacists and patients, but Dr. Moose indicated that even this role is expanding with pharmacists increasingly turning to their techs to build and strengthen relationships with their patients.
“Technicians are instrumental in building these bonds with patients and establishing a comfort level to ensure that there is no interruption in therapy,” Dr. Moose said. “…We’re relying on these technicians to be our front line at the pharmacy.”
Of all the changes occurring within the technician profession, this may be the most readily embraced one. Colleen Jenkins, CPhT, a pharmacy technician at St. Luke's Outpatient Pharmacy in Boise, Idaho, and the 2014 Next-Generation Pharmacist Technician of the Year, previously told Pharmacy Times that her relationships with her patients have helped them better understand the role that technicians play in providing quality care.
“It’s rewarding when I have allowed my patient to feel like they come first, that I really care about their needs, and that they have someone there to advocate for them,” she said.