Pharmacy technicians in Idaho, the first state to grant prescribing authority for the life-saving opioid antagonist naloxone, are undergoing training to utilize this ability.

Under a new state law that became active on Monday, 8 Albertsons pharmacy technicians in the Boise area are the first to be specially trained to prescribe this medication, according to the company.
Signed by Governor Brad Little in February, the law helps to addresses the opioid epidemic by expanding this prescribing authority to pharmacy technicians. These professionals join pharmacists, physicians, and nurse practitioners as health care providers with prescribing authority for naloxone.
“Idaho is leading other states in the steps we are taking to expand access to this critical medication and in our efforts to address the opioid crisis,” Little said, in a prepared statement. “Training pharmacy technicians and all health professionals to prescribe naloxone further reaches our underserved and rural communities. Albertsons has been a key partner in increasing the scope of practice for both pharmacists and technicians to continue improving access to beneficial and lifesaving medications.” 
According to Albertsons, the company has plans to train additional technicians across the state over the coming months.
Naloxone dispensing procedures are specifically designed to help save lives in the event of an overdose, and to aid in the patient’s recovery so that medical treatment or drug counseling can be sought. This service also includes a private consultation with the pharmacist or pharmacy technician to determine the patient’s eligibility, training on naloxone administration and expectations, and when appropriate, notification to the patient’s primary care provider.
“Our pharmacy teams are on the frontlines of fighting opioid misuse, so we welcome the opportunity to expand our efforts in outreach, education, and naloxone dispensing. With a 163% increase in deaths from opioid overdoses in Idaho over the last decade, adding these newly trained caring professionals to our current efforts couldn’t come soon enough. It directly supports our promise to serve and improve the health and wellness of our customers and patients,” said Mark Panzer, Albertsons Companies Senior Vice President of Pharmacy Health and Wellness,  in a prepared statement.

In addition to the new law, Little issued an executive order earlier this month to create an Idaho advisory group to guide health care decisions and strategies relating to opioid misuse.


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