Pharmacytimes: Condition Center: Osteoporosis Osteoporosis en-us Sun, 24 Jun 2018 10:08:42 UTC Sun, 24 Jun 2018 10:08:42 UTC Prolia Approved by FDA for Treatment of Glucocorticoid-Induced Osteoporosis Patients with glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis on glucocorticoid therapy who received denosumab (Prolia) had greater gains in bone mineral density in a phase 3 trial. &nbsp; 8:00 PM, Mon May 21, 2018 USPSTF Issues Draft Recommendations for Osteoporosis Screening The United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) has issued an updated draft recommendation statement on osteoporosis screening to prevent fractures.<br /> &nbsp; 9:00 AM, Thu November 9, 2017 New Drugs Introduced in 2017: Part 5 Osteoporosis, Neurology, and Pain Management This year, the FDA is on pace to approve about 38 new medications. Here is a look at 6 of these. 10:17 PM, Sun October 22, 2017 What to Do When Calcium Supplements Cause Constipation In pharmacy school, I was taught to see if there was a cause when I learned of a patient?s adverse reaction, because if I?m treating the problem without removing the cause, the problem will still persist. In this situation, I couldn?t remove the cause. If I were to request that the doctor stop prescribing the calcium supplements, the elderly patient would be at higher risk for osteoporosis. If I can?t remove the cause, what can I do in this type of situation? 10:07 PM, Tue November 15, 2016 Taking Preventive Measures Against Osteoporosis Approximately 1 in 2 women and up to 1 in 4 men 50 years and older will break a bone due to osteoporosis. 12:20 AM, Mon August 22, 2016 Glenmark's Raloxifene Hydrochloride Gets FDA Nod The FDA has approved Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Inc's abbreviated new drug application for raloxifene hydrochloride tablets USP, 60 mg, which is the therapeutic equivalent to Eli Lilly and Company's Evista. 7:00 AM, Thu March 31, 2016 How Pharmacists Can Better Serve Older Female Veterans Totaling more than 2 million, women comprise the fastest-growing group within the veteran population. 10:30 PM, Wed February 24, 2016 Are Women Overtreated for Osteoporosis? Less is more for women receiving osteoporosis drug therapy, as new research suggests that this patient population may be overtreated. 10:32 PM, Wed January 27, 2016 How Much Calcium Do I Need? Too much calcium can't be good, right? 10:59 PM, Tue November 10, 2015 Do the Benefits of PPIs Outweigh Risks? Although proton pump inhibitors are widely used, they are not without risks. 9:45 PM, Thu July 16, 2015 Generic Actonel Osteoporosis Drug Launched in US Teva recently launched risedronate sodium tablets, the generic version of Actavis's Actonel bisphosphonate, in 3 dosage strengths. 10:56 PM, Mon June 1, 2015 How Pharmacists Can Improve Osteoporosis Screening in Women Women with the greatest risk for osteoporosis are not being screened enough, while those at less risk are being screened too often. 3:00 AM, Sat May 23, 2015 Acid Reflux Common Among Women Taking Bisphosphonates Gastroprotective agents may be needed in postmenopausal women taking bisphosphonates. 10:00 PM, Fri April 17, 2015 Educate Epileptics on Osteoporosis Risk Factors Controlling seizures is critical for patients with epilepsy, but side effects of antiepileptic drugs are another tremendous concern. 9:00 PM, Mon April 13, 2015 Osteoporosis Drug Class Reduces Hip Fracture Rate, But at a High Cost The high cost of bisphosphonates may outweigh the drugs' benefit in reducing hip fracture rates. 10:00 PM, Thu April 2, 2015 Bone Loss Scores May Signal Gum Disease A postmenopausal woman's score on a fracture risk scale can tip off her clinicians to gum disease. 4:00 AM, Sun February 22, 2015 Potassium Salts Help Strengthen Bone Health Supplementation with alkaline potassium salts aids bone health and reduces osteoporosis risk. 9:00 PM, Wed January 28, 2015 Bisophosphonate Use Questioned in Patients Undergoing Androgen Deprivation Therapy Many male patients being treated for prostate cancer undergo androgen deprivation therapy, which has been shown to have several risky side effects, including osteoporosis. 10:55 PM, Tue January 6, 2015 Bisphosphonates May Help Prevent Endometrial Cancer Women who take bisphosphonates, which are commonly used to treat osteoporosis and other bone conditions, have about half the risk of developing endometrial cancer as women who do not use the drugs. This study supports other research showing that bisphosphonates may have an anticancer effect. 9:51 PM, Sun January 4, 2015 Routine Vitamin D Screening Lacks Benefit The media has been quick to discuss research findings on vitamin D supplementation's potential role in combating osteoporosis, correcting deficiency in chronic kidney disease, improving heart health, and extending life, which raises the question of whether patients should be screened routinely for vitamin D deficiency. 9:00 PM, Sat December 6, 2014