Pharmacytimes: Condition Center: Diabetes Diabetes en-us Thu, 24 May 2018 01:53:41 UTC Thu, 24 May 2018 01:53:41 UTC A Look at New Digital Health Products for Diabetes Patients Upgrades to the insulin pen to improve disease management and prevent hypoglycemia due to overdoses are on the horizon. 5:04 AM, Fri May 4, 2018 How a Diabetes Platform Can Help Lower A1c One Drop is a company that has a great holistic service using CDE to help patients get their diabetes better controlled, and recent data support their mission. 2:29 PM, Sun April 29, 2018 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Unveils Digital Health Tools The health insurer recently launched its Emerging Solutions&#39; platform. 3:03 PM, Thu April 19, 2018 Pharmacists Can Make a Difference as Certified Diabetes Educators Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs) can make a tremendous difference in the lives of people who have diabetes. 1:31 PM, Thu April 19, 2018 Metformin and Statin-Induced Myopathies: Potential Adherence Booster? Researchers&nbsp;concluded that metformin may reduce risk of nonsevere statin muscle pain. 2:01 PM, Mon April 16, 2018 Smart Socks are Entering the Market for Patients with Diabetes Smart socks, such as those from Siren, seek to help identify infections, and ulcers before they happen, but the data is lacking. Are they worth it? 9:45 AM, Wed April 4, 2018 Using Vitamin Supplementation to Help Lower Blood Glucose A number of complementary and alternative medications can potentially lower blood sugar, and many patients with diabetes look at these substances as more natural than synthetic drugs. 9:00 AM, Sat March 31, 2018 Addressing the Risk of Cardiovascular Mortality in Adult Patients with Type 2 Diabetes and Established Cardiovascular Disease 5:46 PM, Tue March 27, 2018 New Insulin Products and Best Practices Even with many new developments over the past century, the coordinated use of blood glucose monitors, diabetes medications, and insulin to manage the disease may be too intricate for some patients. 10:46 AM, Fri March 16, 2018 Patient Safety: Diabetes Dialogue Can Prevent Error, Save Money With FDA approval of more than 20 new therapies for diabetes since 2010, clinicians and patients are often overwhelmed with treatment choices.<br /> &nbsp; 8:00 AM, Fri March 16, 2018 Collaborative Care for Diabetes Can Be Rewarding for Health Professionals, Patients A team-based approach to diabetes patient care can help improve outcomes, according to a <em>Pharmacy Times</em>&reg; Peer Exchange that addressed this subject recently.<br /> &nbsp; 2:00 PM, Thu March 15, 2018 FDA Approves Smart Continuous Glucose Monitoring System Officials with the FDA have approved Medtronic&rsquo;s continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system (Guardian Connect) for use by individuals living with diabetes, according to a company press release.<br /> &nbsp; 4:48 PM, Tue March 13, 2018 ADA Officials 'Concerned' Over ACP's Diabetes Recommendations ADA urges health care providers to continue to develop personalized care plans that can yield optimal short and long-term results for each individual with diabetes. 2:05 PM, Fri March 9, 2018 An App May Help Reduce A1c and the Need for Diabetes Medications Many small health start-ups are leveraging digital health and telemedicine services to provide patient coaching. A new study from one company demonstrates that users could see as much as a 0.8% reduction in A1c. 10:12 AM, Wed March 7, 2018 ACP Guidelines Recommend Less-Intensive Treatment Targets for Type 2 Diabetes The American College of Physicians (ACP) recently issued new guidelines aimed at assisting clinicians in making decisions about targets when using pharmacologic therapy in adults with type 2 diabetes. 8:00 AM, Wed March 7, 2018 Samsung's New Phones Can Detect Blood Pressure, Putting Pressure on Other Companies With new smartphones able to measure blood pressure, what does this mean for other companies who solely make these devices? 10:50 PM, Sun March 4, 2018 Protecting Access to Diabetic Testing Supplies Proposed federal legislation aims to achieve better health outcomes by giving patients with diabetes the freedom to decide which testing supplies work best for them. 3:00 PM, Sun March 4, 2018 Community Pharmacists: Valuable Team Members in the Fight with Diabetes Through clinical and humanistic interventions, pharmacists can improve outcomes and lower costs for patients with diabetes. 10:06 AM, Fri March 2, 2018 Case Studies (February 2018) 5:31 PM, Tue February 27, 2018 Out-of-Pocket Costs Increase for Patients with Multiple Chronic Diseases As cost increases, patient adherence decreases among patients with multiple chronic conditions.<br /> &nbsp; 8:00 AM, Tue February 27, 2018