4 Lesser-Known Factors Affecting Asthma Status

JANUARY 04, 2016
Rachel Lutz
Well-known risk factors for asthma development include a family history of the disease, other allergic conditions, obesity, and smoking.

However, pharmacists should also be aware of the following lesser-known factors, which can increase patients’ likelihood of developing asthma or exacerbate their symptoms. 

1. Grandma’s smoking status
A grandmother’s smoking habits can contribute to her grandchild’s asthma risk, regardless of whether the mother smoked.

Recent research found that if grandmothers smoked while they were pregnant, the risk of asthma increased in grandchildren by 10% to 22%, even if the child’s mother did not smoke while she was pregnant.

The researchers said their next step is to determine whether the risk of asthma can also be inherited through the male family line.