Deeb Eid, PharmD, is creator of the Pharmacy Universe podcast on Spreaker. An associate professor and experiential coordinator at Ferris State University College of Pharmacy in Grand Rapids, MI, Eid speaks with pharmacy industry guests to educate and engage listeners about the profession.

In this episode, Eid discusses telepharmacy with Adam Chesler, PharmD, Director of Regulatory Affairs for Cardinal Health. Chesler looks at the impact telepharmacy it is having on access to care, adherence, and patient satisfaction.

Adam Chesler, PharmD: It’s really allowing pharmacists to expand their reach into areas they weren’t able to reach into before. Think of anywhere you’ve ever wanted to have a pharmacist, but said hey we just can’t put a pharmacist there; the price of having a pharmacist or the volume of having a pharmacist just really doesn’t suffice. Telepharmacy allows the pharmacist to have the same penetration, to do the same things they’re doing today, just in areas that they weren’t able to before through remote supervision of pharmacy technicians.

This is a partial transcript. Listen to the podcast for the full interview.