Deeb Eid, PharmD, is creator of the Pharmacy Universe podcast on Spreaker. An associate professor and experiential coordinator at Ferris State University College of Pharmacy in Grand Rapids, MI, Eid speaks with pharmacy industry guests to educate and engage listeners about the profession. In this episode, Eid speaks with Alex Adams, PharmD, MPH, Executive Director of the State Board of Pharmacy in Idaho about the concept of "permissionless innovation," pharmacy technician roles, and expansion of administration of immunizations by pharmacy technicians. 

Deeb Eid, PharmD: Can you explain a little bit what ‘permissionless innovation’ is, what is the strategy and why you believe in it?

Alex Adams, PharmD, MPH: … ‘Permissionless innovation’ recognizes that the default should be for people to experiment and use new technology and try new things, but be held accountable for their failures. And I felt like it really applied to pharmacy practice because pharmacy is changing so fast.

If you think about the technology that is available, we now have tele-pharmacies, where pharmacists off-site can supervise technicians in a remote location who are dispensing drugs. We have automated dispensing systems that are, in many ways, self-contained pharmacies that can do many of the functions of the pharmacy with an off-site supervising pharmacist. There are now models where technicians are working from home and doing data entry. So the technology environment that pharmacists work in is changing faster than regulations could ever realistically keep up with.

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