The results of a level 1 trauma center study have shown that ibuprofen injection (Caldolor, Cumberland Pharmaceuticals) significantly reduces the quantity of opioids required to manage pain after a traumatic injury with fracture. Further, pain was managed better in the ibuprofen injection group compared with standard of care narcotics, according to a press release.

The results were based on a study testing the efficacy of ibuprofen injection administration in the management of acute pain in orthopedic trauma patients and to minimize opioid use. In total, 99 orthopedic trauma patients with fractures of the ribs, face, extremities, and/or pelvis were randomized to receive either 800 mg intravenous ibuprofen or placebo administered every 6 hours for a total of 8 doses within 48 hours of admission.

According to the study, ibuprofen injection showed a statistically significant reduced opioid consumption compared with placebo plus standard of care medications during the initial 48-hour period. In addition, the pain intensity level was also statistically less at 8 hours, with the time of the first narcotic medication significantly longer in the ibuprofen injection group.

“With at least 75% of patients coming to emergency departments with a chief complaint related to pain, prudent and careful management of pain is of utmost importance,” said A.J. Kazimi, CEO of Cumberland Pharmaceuticals Inc, in a press release. “Pain management has become one of the most common healthcare problems, with annual direct and indirect costs exceeding that of heart disease and cancer. Physicians are often the first people to prescribe an opioid to a patient experiencing severe pain due to trauma.”

Caldolor demonstrates significant reduction of opioid use in orthopedic trauma patients. Cumberland Pharmaceuticals. Published July 20, 2020. Accessed July 27, 2020.