PUTT: Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency

2019-10-18 17:41:00
Tags: retail,reimbursement,payer

Community Pharmacy Consultant Bruce Kneeland talks with independent pharmacy owner Teresa Dickinson, RPh, about the work of Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency. This video was filmed at Melrose Pharmacy in Phoenix, Arizona.

Bruce Kneeland: So you’re a pharmacist first and foremost. What’s one or two of the things that gives you the most hope for the future of the profession.

Theresa Dickinson: I would say I have a fondness for PUTT—which is Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency. It’s an important organization fighting the PBMs. I think the PBMs have been my #1 problem since I opened in 2005. [PUTT has] given me hope that there’s actually something that’s going to be able to happen against the PBMs. So there’s been progress in the fight against the PBMs, and PUTT’s been that.

Bruce Kneeland: And PUTT again stands for what?

Theresa Dickinson: Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency. And full disclosure, I’ve been on the board since it started in 2011, and I was the past president for 3 years. Or I am the past president, which I was president for 3 years.

Bruce Kneeland: Well said.