Working in Pharmacy Way Past Retirement

JULY 22, 2015
There are probably a lot of pharmacists like myself who never truly enter retirement. If you enjoy what you are doing, why retire?  
I have enjoyed working in all aspects of pharmacy, including community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, academic pharmacy, association management, and pharmacy journalism. Although I no longer dispense prescriptions or perform clinical consults, I still enjoy tracking the policy issues facing pharmacy, interacting with colleagues, and challenging young pharmacists to grow professionally.  
I probably could have found another rewarding career, but I sure am glad I was led into pharmacy. Helping patients is what makes this profession so enjoyable. Along the way, pharmacists also aid other health care professionals and each other. 
Because the profession allows us to make a difference in many different settings, many pharmacists like myself remain engaged in their careers.  
Why do you still work in pharmacy past the typical retirement age?