Updated Guidelines for Ambulatory Pharmacy Services

JULY 29, 2015

One contribution that a pharmacy organization can make is to develop standards and guidelines for pharmacist services and professional issues. 


The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) offers several such practice standards. In fact, the organization just released updated its guidelines on the minimum standard for ambulatory care pharmacy practice in the July 2015 edition of the American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy.


The document’s purpose is to “outline the minimum requirements for the operation and management of services for patients in this rapidly evolving ambulatory care setting.” These requirements are organized into 8 standards that often include guidance on how the standard should be developed.


When I practiced hospital pharmacy, I used these standards and guidelines to make sure I was providing comprehensive services. If I were in community pharmacy today, I would use the ASHP’s updated guideline to ensure that the services I provided could compete with others who were offering ambulatory care pharmacy services. I would also verify that I was providing a comprehensive program by comparing my services with this update guideline. 


How does your program compare?