The iMedicare Impact

AUGUST 12, 2016

Find out why more than 4000 pharmacies use iMedicare in this interview with CEO Flaviu Simihaian. 

Here are the top 4 things you need to know about iMedicate:
  • Demystify PBM reimbursements. See which plans pay you more for specific medications on specific plans and identify opportunities to make more money.
  • Avoid preferred closed networks. View plans in your network, as well as which plans your pharmacy is preferred on.
  • View therapeutic alternatives on formulary. See drug alternatives on every formulary, with their coverage tier and co-pay, as well as reimbursement for each alternative. 
  • Improve your star rating. iMedicare can increase revenue and improve your pharmacy's star rating by identifying which patients can benefit from actionable interventions.