Podcast: Medical Marijuana's Clinical Advancements

AUGUST 29, 2016

Third-time Pharmacy Podcast Show guest Joseph Friedman RPh, COO and Founder of PDI Medical, Inc., returns to the show with updates to medical cannabis progression and the advancement of leveraging a substance shown to have dramatic impact on thousands of patients with numerous conditions.

The National Medical Marijuana Accreditation Organization (NMMAO), an Ohio-based accrediting organization that establishes quality standards for the cannabis industry’s dispensaries, announced that PDI Medical, an Illinois licensed medical marijuana dispensary, is applying for Dispensary Base Accreditation. NMMAO’s Dispensary Base Accreditation encompasses 9 Standards of Excellence, each representing a different dispensary-, quality-, and safety-focused function. The Standards address the structures and processes that must be in place in order for state-approved dispensaries and compassionate care centers to meet the overall NMMAO Base Standard Accreditation. 

“Marijuana dispensaries throughout the United States are operated by a variety of names, personalities and faces. PDI Medical is a highly respected, clinically-driven dispensary,” Friedman commented. “The NMMAO documented accreditation process differentiates those dispensaries that are truly helping patients with their health care needs, from those that are simply getting patients high on THC. By passing NMMAO’s strict accreditation process, PDI Medical will further prove its health care value to patients, caregivers, and the state of Illinois.”