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David G. Miller, RPh, discusses H.R. 3204, the Drug Quality and Security Act, which passed the House of Representatives on September 25, 2013.
Stephan Foster, PharmD, FAPha, explains why pharmacists are providing an increasing portion of vaccinations.
Jonathan G. Marquess, PharmD, CDE, explains why he decided to focus on caring for diabetes patients at his pharmacy.
Robert Granko, PharmD, MBA, discusses how his hospital system developed a model that used data to determine how pharmacists should be positioned.
Joe Moose, PharmD, discusses what it means to shift from a volume-driven business to a value-driven business.
Pharmacy Times Health-System Edition Editor Stephen F. Eckel, PharmD, MHA, describes his most rewarding experiences working with pharmacy students.
Stephan Foster, PharmD, FAPha, discusses the history of preventive medicine in the the pharmacy.
Robert Granko, PharmD, MBA, discusses the move to use business intelligence and data analytics in health systems to better understand what is driving cost increases.
Pharmacy Times Health-System Edition Editor Stephen F. Eckel offers advice to pharmacy students who are considering a career in health-system pharmacy.
David G. Miller, RPh, discusses the roles of the FDA and state boards of pharmacy in regulating compounding pharmacies.
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