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Although Fred Eckel, RPh, MS, says pharmacy is a rewarding profession, he advises the 2014 Next-Generation Pharmacist™ Award winners to “not get frustrated when things don’t get done as quickly as you would like to see them get done.”
Asked about any common threads among the 2014 Next-Generation Pharmacist™ Award Winners, Fred Eckel, RPh, MS, jokingly responds, “They’re all younger…than I.”
Commenting on the 2014 Next-Generation Pharmacist™ Awards, Fred Eckel, RPh, MS, notes that the winners “seem to be stronger, more qualified, more diverse in their activities.”
Fred Eckel, RPh, MS, discusses how pharmacists are becoming more involved in direct patient care.
With their movement towards provider status, pharmacists are facing the new challenge of entering a marketplace where there are already other providers.
Fred Eckel, RPh, MS, details how provider status would impact pharmacists’ daily practice.
Fred Eckel, RPh, MS, explains why the lack of readily available resources amid expanding responsibilities is the biggest challenge for pharmacists in the current industry landscape.
Sam Stolpe, PharmD, describes several quality measures that revolve around safe and appropriate medication use.
Tom Hubbard believes the quality measures that generate star ratings for Medicare Prescription Drug Plans are the most relevant metrics for pharmacists.
The 2015 NACDS Total Store Expo will be held in Denver, Colorado, from August 22, 2015, to August 25, 2015.
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