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Jeffrey Berger, MD, discusses how research can help increase adherence to therapies among acute coronary syndrome patients.
A discussion of requirements for distributing medication guides when a drug is dispensed or distributed to a health care professional.
This video from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases discusses the causes of influenza pandemics.
An animated video demonstrating how influenza virus enters a human cell, penetrates the nucleus, replicate itself, and emerges to infect other cells.
A discussion of high blood pressure and measures that can be taken to counter it, including prescription medication.
A discussion of efforts to develop a universal influenza vaccine that will be capable of protecting against any potential strain of the influenza virus.
Kurtis Reed, MD, discusses the results of his study on the incidence of melanoma among young adults.
This video, from the Cleveland Clinic, discusses a syndrome in which generally healthy people who drink more than usual at the holidays can experience heart problems.
A discussion of an FDA warning regarding the potential for cognitive problems and elevated blood sugar associated with taking statins.
Doug Long, vice president of industry relations at IMS Health, discusses his predictions for the 2012-2013 flu season.
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