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Troy Trygstad, PharmD, PhD, MBA, discusses the importance of the value-based model in health care and the perils and opportunities it poses to pharmacists.
Jyoti Bhagia, MD, discusses use of a rating scale in diagnosing and treating patients with ADHD.
William A. Scott, MD, addresses the question of whether children who are initiating use of ADHD medication need to have an EKG.
Pediatrician Preeti Parikh, MD, provides an introduction to treatments for ADHD in children, including behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, family therapy, and various types of medication.
Peter Berger, MD, discusses the challenge of individualizing antiplatelet treatment for acute coronary syndrome patients.
A lecture on acute coronary syndromes by Kim A. Eagle, MD, director of the Cardiovascular Center at the University of Michigan Health System.
Jeffrey Berger, MD, discusses how research can help increase adherence to therapies among acute coronary syndrome patients.
A discussion of requirements for distributing medication guides when a drug is dispensed or distributed to a health care professional.
This video from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases discusses the causes of influenza pandemics.
An animated video demonstrating how influenza virus enters a human cell, penetrates the nucleus, replicate itself, and emerges to infect other cells.
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