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David G. Miller, RPh, discusses whether and how regulation of compounding pharmacies needs to change.
A patient who thought chronic pain meant she would never work again or have a normal family life found relief at the Nebraska Medical Center.
A patient with unyielding pain for a decade learns how to manage her pain at the Mayo Clinic’s Pain Rehabilitation Center.
Sherilyn Driscoll, MD, a pediatrics physiatrist at the Mayo Clinic, discusses how treatment of chronic pain in children has changed.
This video discusses the effect of thiazide diuretics on serum sodium concentration.
This animation illustrates the effect of severe over-hydration on the central nervous system.
Clinical and exam preparation instructor Roger Seheult, MD, provides the first part of a 4-part course explaining hyponatremia.
Philip R. Schauer, MD, discusses the need for accountable care organizations to recognize obesity as a disease and offer treatment for it.
Jennifer Athay-Adams, PharmD, discusses how the payment model of accountable care organizations (ACOs) differs from that of traditional HMOs.
Colin Cooke, MD, discusses the role of the Affordable Care Act in expanding insurance coverage and in the formation of accountable care organizations.
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