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Directions in Pharmacy (Mar 2014 Issue)
Quality measures generate vital information on outcomes and can help ensure that medications are used appropriately and effectively.
Pharmacy Times (Mar 2014 Issue)
Doping violates the spirit of sports and is dangerous.
Resource (Dec 1969 Issue)
The results of a new study contradict the long-standing belief that syndrome of inappropriate anti-diuretic hormone is the most common cause of hyponatremia in elderly patients with fragility fractures.
News (Nov 2013)
Pharmacy Times, the American Journal of Managed Care, and the Convenient Care Association presented a panel discussion on how the Affordable Care Act is affecting the health care landscape and opportunities it is offering to retail clinics.
Directions in Pharmacy (Aug 2013 Issue)
Pharmacists should solidify their place within the patient-centered medical home. Here is an early model that achieves better health outcomes through comprehensive medical management and a team-based approach.
Pharmacy Times (Apr 2013 Issue)
This potentially serious condition is only partially understood, and its triad of symptoms often goes unrecognized.
Pharmacy Times (Oct 2012 Issue)
This complex condition can be managed with improved glucose control and pharmacologic therapy.
Pharmacy Times (May 2012 Issue)
Polypharmacy is often a factor in the adverse events that elders experience.
Pharmacy Times (Apr 2012 Issue)
Drugs with anticholingeric properties have been linked with clouded cognition and even increased mortality.
Pharmacy Times (Sep 2011 Issue)
Pharmacists have the tools and expertise to deliver personalized adherence coaching that improves therapeutic outcomes and reduces health care costs.
Pharmacy Times (Mar 2011 Issue)
Pharmacy Times (Jan 2011 Issue)
Older patients often find medication adherence difficult, as the use of multiple medications create challenges. Pharmacists can help in a variety of ways to identify the problem and implement corrective action.
Blogs (Oct 2010)
Is society ready for pharmacists to fulfill their potential as doctoral trained medication experts?
Pharmacy Times (Sep 2010 Issue)
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