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Videos (Apr 2014)
Shannon Manzi, PharmD, EMT, describes the experience of helping to respond to the Boston Marathon bombing in April 2013.
Association News (Mar 2014)
Health-System Edition (Mar 2014 Issue)
A 50-year-old male with a history of benign prostatic hyperplasia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and type 2 diabetes mellitus is admitted for a laparoscopic colectomy. The patient’s surgeon requests a pharmacy consultation to develop a multimodal, opioid-sparing pain control regimen.
Resource (Dec 1969 Issue)
Electronic prescribing has the potential to make pharmacy workflow more efficient and help reduce adverse medication events, but its uptake has been complicated and delayed by the health care system’s complexity.
Resource (Dec 1969 Issue)
Pharmacies play an important role in assisting patients after a disaster, so they need to have a disaster plan in place and conduct periodic reviews to ensure that it will work when needed.
Pharmacy Times (Aug 2013 Issue)
The author presents 3 important strategies.
Blogs (May 2013)
An emergency fund can provide invaluable peace of mind if you find yourself facing unexpected expenses.
Pharmacy Times (Mar 2013 Issue)
Vaccination is crucial for older adults and patients with chronic disease.
Pharmacy Times (Jan 2013 Issue)
The pharmacist can serve as an essential care provider for elders when disasters occur.
Blogs (Nov 2012)
In order to prevent future problems with compounding pharmacies, it is more important to enforce the laws that are already on the books rather than implement new laws and regulations.
News (Nov 2012)
Proposed legislation would allow the FDA to track the volume and distribution of drugs produced at compounding pharmacies, provide more information to the public about compounded drugs, and institute a waiver system in times of public need.
Blogs (Nov 2012)
In Pennsylvania, severe cuts to prescription drug coverage under Medicaid will have serious consequences for patient well-being.
News (Nov 2012)
Along with dozens of deaths, tremendous property damage, and loss of power for millions, the massive storm has left behind a slew of health risks.
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