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Health-System Edition (Nov 2013 Issue)
A unique pharmacy school program changes the paradigm in Kenya.
Blogs (Apr 2014)
It can be tough to return to long-distance running after a lengthy hiatus, but the payoff is worth it.
News (Mar 2014)
Associations representing pharmacists expressed overwhelming support for a bill introduced in the House of Representatives that would define pharmacists as health care providers under Medicare.
Pharmacy Times (Mar 2014 Issue)
Although attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is a long-term condition, it can be managed with proper treatment.
Pharmacy Times (Mar 2014 Issue)
Doping violates the spirit of sports and is dangerous.
Pharmacy Times (Mar 2014 Issue)
Patients require careful assessment before OTC analgesics for migraines can be recommended.
Health-System Edition (Mar 2014 Issue)
Symptomatic and disease-modifying treatment options for multiple sclerosis.
Pharmacy Times (Feb 2014 Issue)
The runners-up in our third annual essay contest tell their stories.
Pharmacy Times (Feb 2014 Issue)
Resource (Dec 1969 Issue)
A new study estimates the costs of treating atrial fibrillation as well as the comparative costs of treating it with warfarin and newer oral anticoagulants.
Health-System Edition (Jan 2014 Issue)
Blogs (Dec 2013)
Among the greatest pharmacist fears is harming a patient through a misfilled prescription and being the victim of a pharmacy robbery.
Directions in Pharmacy (Dec 2013 Issue)
Four major trends will dominate the health information technology landscape during the coming year.
Conferences (Dec 1969 Issue)
Genomic sequencing is rapidly increasing its value as a clinical tool in the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases, including cancer. In his presentation, Justin M. Balko, PharmD, PhD, from Vanderbilt University, provided a background on the current state of next-generation genomic sequencing (NGS), and the potential role that pharmacists play as this science continues to evolve.
Conferences (Dec 1969 Issue)
Illicit drug use continues to be a prevalent and growing problem in the United States, and the use of newer substances is on the rise. Because of the increasing prevalence and “tweaking” of compounds to avoid detection, the identification of drug abuse by practitioners often relies on signs and symptoms. In this session, presenters reviewed some of these agents, including their history and their impact on those abusing them.
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