Pharmacytimes: Condition Center: Vitamins and Supplements Vitamins and Supplements en-us Mon, 19 Mar 2018 08:33:29 UTC Mon, 19 Mar 2018 08:33:29 UTC A Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation Crib Sheet for Clinicians A recent issue of the J<em>ournal of the American Medical Association</em> has published a crib sheet for clinicians that covers the basics of vitamin and mineral supplementation. 12:07 PM, Thu March 15, 2018 Melatonin: Correcting Circadian Rhythm Humans operate on a diurnal pattern and need sleep for brain development, physical and mental health, and cognitive function maintenance 1:19 PM, Mon February 19, 2018 Take Note: Vitamin B12 Has a Reputation in the Singing Community Although researchers have conducted no clinical trials to evaluate the vocal benefits of vitamin B<sub>12</sub>, the singing community at large endorses the energy boosting and anxiety fighting effects of the supplement. 9:00 AM, Fri February 9, 2018 Planning a Pregnancy: Look at Prescribed Medications and Supplements Researchers are learning more about the preconception period and factors that affect the ability to conceive, particularly the use of prescription medication and supplements.&nbsp; 1:08 PM, Tue January 9, 2018 Adults Who Take Supplements More Likely to Meet Dietary Guidelines Planning and consuming a diet that meets all of the recommended dietary guidelines for Americans is a challenge for most people. 10:39 AM, Tue December 19, 2017 The 411 on Biohacking Supplements Hacking the brain to work better and faster has been a hot topic, but research shows that nootropics products may fall short. 12:15 AM, Tue December 12, 2017 CoQ10 Supplementation: Studies Support Its Value 8:00 AM, Tue November 7, 2017 Probiotics: Where Is the Evidence? During a presentation at the 2017 American Academy of Family Physicians FMX annual meeting, held this year in San Antonio, Texas, Dan Merenstein, MD, presented the evidence surrounding probiotic use. 11:29 AM, Wed October 11, 2017 Vitamin D Reduces Severe Asthma Attacks in Adults? Oral vitamin D supplementation, in addition to asthma medications, could reduce the risk of asthma attacks requiring hospital attendance by 50%, according to a recently-published study in <em>The Lancet of Respiratory Medicine.</em> 2:17 PM, Thu October 5, 2017 Folic Acid and Asthma: Breathing Easy About Supplementation Recently, experimental animal interventions have suggested that folic acid intake that exceeds the recommended dose may increase risk of respiratory disease in offspring. 10:12 AM, Tue September 26, 2017 Supplement Use Among Older Americans Very High Dietary supplement use among Americans who are 60 and or older is widespread. 10:40 AM, Mon September 25, 2017 Diabetes and Natural Health Products: Used Often, Understood Better Now Pharmacists need to understand natural health products so that they can counsel patients, answer questions, and advise patients about potential drug interactions. 11:20 AM, Tue September 19, 2017 Vitamins, Minerals, and Preconception Health For decades, health care professionals have known that neural tube defects at birth are often associated with insufficient prenatal folic acid intake. 10:38 AM, Mon September 18, 2017 Riboflavin: Evolving Clinical Indications The B vitamins are a group of related vitamins that maintain cell health and provide energy. 8:00 AM, Wed September 6, 2017 Oral Potassium Supplements and Anticholinergic Drugs Many drug interaction databases include oral potassium supplements and drugs with anticholinergic activity as a serious interaction. 2:31 PM, Sat September 2, 2017 Vitamin D: Controversies and Facts Two-thirds of the US population had sufficient vitamin D status from 2001 to 2006, according to the CDC. 10:24 AM, Fri August 18, 2017 Workhorse Vitamin: A Primer on Vitamin B12 Vitamin B<sub>12 </sub>(cobalamin) is a workhorse vitamin.&nbsp; 8:00 AM, Fri July 14, 2017 Antioxidant Supplementation and Diabetic Kidney Disease Diabetes&#39; propensity to cause metabolic derangement is directly responsible for a looming epidemic of diabetic kidney disease (DKD). And left unchecked, DKD can progress to end-stage kidney disease (ESKD).&nbsp;<br /> &nbsp; 12:25 PM, Mon July 10, 2017 Vitamin D and Cardiovascular Disease: Jury Is Still Out Fat-soluble vitamin D seems to be the vitamin we talk about most these days. In particular, researchers, clinicians, and pharmacists all have an opinion about whether vitamin D supplementation is necessary or wise.<br /> &nbsp; 10:07 AM, Thu July 6, 2017 Natural Medicines: What Is Their Role in Parkinson's Disease Management? Researchers from Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, India studied an array of natural medicinal products with beneficial effects on mitochondria or redox stabilization.&nbsp; 9:00 AM, Wed June 21, 2017