Pharmacytimes: Condition Center: Pain Management Pain Management en-us Thu, 14 Dec 2017 06:51:02 UTC Thu, 14 Dec 2017 06:51:02 UTC What Pharmacists Need to Know About Limbrel The FDA is investigating the medical food product for serious adverse effects. A pharmacist can convey this information to patients. 9:00 AM, Mon November 27, 2017 Happy Feet: Take the Pain Out of Standing All Day Here are ways for pharmacists to relieve foot and leg aches after a long shift. 10:50 PM, Thu November 16, 2017 Understanding Total Patient Picture Central to Designing Targeted Treatments Genome sequencing may be fundamental to eventually offering precision medicine to patients with rheumatoid disease, but it will only reveal part of the patient’s health story. 9:40 AM, Sat November 11, 2017 Scientific Community Continues Searching for Answers to Cannabinoid Questions State and local marijuana laws continue to evolve toward legalization much faster than the scientific community can collect the data to help society weigh the health, safety, and ethical ramifications of these new laws. 10:45 AM, Wed November 8, 2017 Increased Health Care Provider Education Needed to Reduce Opioid Prescribing for Juvenile Fibromyalgia The findings demonstrated that female gender, older age, and Caucasian race were the most likely predictors of opioid use in patients with JFMS.  11:23 AM, Tue November 7, 2017 Biologics, Triple Therapy Effective Option After Failed Initial Methotrexate Treatment Patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) who took biologics or triple therapy had a longer fail time than patients who took methotrexate oral monotherapy, suggesting that these treatments may be a good follow-up to failed first-line methotrexate treatment. 11:12 AM, Tue November 7, 2017 FDA Advisory Committee Recommends Approval of Opioid Use Disorder Treatment The FDA has set a Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) target action date of November 30, 2017. 11:37 AM, Wed November 1, 2017 CDC Report: Fentanyl Detected in Many Opioid Overdose Deaths This is the first report on data from the State Unintentional Drug Overdose Reporting System (SUDORS), which tracks fatal opioid overdoses and is a component of CDC’s Enhanced State Opioid Overdose Surveillance (ESOOS) program. 10:19 AM, Tue October 31, 2017 Psoriatic Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis Treatment Gets Approval Golimumab is the only fully-human anti-tumor necrosis factor (TNF) alpha therapy that is administered with a 30-minute infusion. 10:24 AM, Mon October 23, 2017 New Drugs Introduced in 2017: Part 5 Osteoporosis, Neurology, and Pain Management This year, the FDA is on pace to approve about 38 new medications. Here is a look at 6 of these. 10:17 PM, Sun October 22, 2017 New Drugs Introduced in 2017: Part 4 Immunology, Infection, and Musculoskeletal Disease This year, the FDA is on pace to approve about 38 new medications. Here is a look at 6 of these. 10:10 PM, Sun October 22, 2017 Breaking Through Breakthrough Cancer Pain Breakthrough pain estimates vary, but as many as 50% of patients diagnosed with cancer and chronic pain have pain levels that are not adequately controlled 3:30 PM, Thu October 19, 2017 Don't Ignore These Opioid Abuse Red Flags Here is how to distinguish between those who need prescriptions to manage pain and those seeking controlled substances for illicit reasons. 4:05 AM, Wed October 18, 2017 FDA OKs Pregabalin Extended-release Once-Daily Tablets for Neuropathic Pain The tablets did not get approval for managing fibromyalgia, however, according to a press release from Pfizer. 6:04 PM, Thu October 12, 2017 FDA OKs Osteoarthritis Knee Pain Drug It is currently the first and only extended-release, intra-articular injection available for OA. 3:45 PM, Sun October 8, 2017 Postoperative Pain Management Postoperative pain management presents a major challenge to patients and health care providers. 9:00 AM, Sat September 30, 2017 2017 Guidelines for Chronic Pain Management in Patients with HIV 12:11 PM, Mon September 18, 2017 September Is Pain Awareness Month Pharmacists are in a prime position to help patients manage acute and chronic pain. 10:45 PM, Wed September 13, 2017 Single-injection, HA Product Gets FDA OK for Knee OA Pain More than 20 million Americans are afflicted with knee osteoarthritis and there is no cure. 12:30 PM, Tue September 5, 2017 Cancer and Pain: Opportunities to Optimize Patient Care The lifetime probability of developing cancer is 38% for women and 42% for men, which translates into millions of individuals who need the latest information on this disease, as well as compassionate care and counseling 2:16 PM, Sun September 3, 2017