Pharmacytimes: Condition Center: Infectious Disease Infectious Disease en-us Mon, 26 Jun 2017 11:54:56 UTC Mon, 26 Jun 2017 11:54:56 UTC Penicillin Allergies and Cross-Reactivity With Other Beta-Lactams <p>Patient-reported allergy to penicillin antibiotics is a common scenario during health care encounters, with an&nbsp;estimated population prevalence of roughly 8% to 12%.&nbsp;</p> 3:44 PM, Wed May 17, 2017 Federal Bureau of Prisons: Addressing Antimicrobial Stewardship at 2 Levels The rise of antibiotic-resistant organisms poses a great threat to national health.&nbsp; 9:50 AM, Thu April 20, 2017 Q&A with an Infectious Disease PGY-2 Pharmacy Resident Have you ever considered pursuing a post-graduate year 2 pharmacy residency in infectious disease? 8:20 PM, Sun February 19, 2017 3 Things You Should Know About Scarlet Fever Scarlet fever, also known as scarlatina, is a bacterial infection caused by group A Streptococcus or &ldquo;group A strep.&rdquo; 8:27 AM, Mon January 30, 2017 3 Things You Should Know About the Recent Mumps Outbreak Mumps is a highly contagious disease caused by a virus that spreads through direct contact with respiratory secretions. 10:18 PM, Sun January 29, 2017 Resistance Issues Pose Treatment Challenges for This Invasive Fungal Infection Scedosporium is a fungal pathogen that is resistant against most antifungals. 12:20 AM, Fri December 30, 2016 WATCH: WHO Guide to Testing Options for HIV In this week&#39;s &quot;Around the Web,&quot; <em>Pharmacy Times</em> presents a video that was recently posted by the World Health Organization, which discusses self-testing options for HIV. 11:10 AM, Fri December 2, 2016 Patient's Battle With C Difficile Demonstrates Importance of Judicious Antibiotic Use 12:09 PM, Mon November 28, 2016 Potentially Deadly Fungal Superbug Reported for First Time in US Patients First described in Japan in 2009, <em>C. auris</em> infections have since been reported in at least 10 countries. 11:06 AM, Tue November 22, 2016 Could Recommending Dexamethasone in Bacterial Meningitis Improve Patient Outcomes? Dexamethasone is an important but commonly overlooked adjunct therapy in bacterial meningitis. Learn more about this important intervention and recommend its use in the acute setting before antibiotics are given. 11:00 PM, Wed October 19, 2016 Should Schools Test Kids for HIV? School-based health services provide critical preventive care for adolescents, especially in poor and diverse communities. 8:35 AM, Fri August 19, 2016 Old Yeast Emerging in Invasive Health Care-Associated Infections The CDC recently issued an alert warning health care facilities about Candida auris, an emerging multidrug-resistant yeast. 8:31 AM, Wed July 6, 2016 Sexual Transmission of Zika Virus Confirmed by CDC The CDC recently confirmed man-to-man sexual transmission of the Zika virus. 11:35 PM, Thu April 14, 2016 Should Strep Throat Require Antibiotics? When historical data dominates, controversy is sure to exist. Such is the case for the use of antibiotics in patients with group A streptococcal pharyngitis. 3:51 AM, Mon March 14, 2016 A Brief Review of Carbapenems Carbapenems are often considered to have the broadest spectrum of activity among all antibiotic classes. 9:02 PM, Thu February 25, 2016 Zika Virus: What Student Pharmacists Should Know Those preparing to travel for spring break may approach student pharmacists with questions about the Zika virus. 11:09 PM, Thu February 11, 2016 Antifungal Considerations for Invasive Candidiasis in Pregnant Women Invasive fungal disease due to the genus Candida can be life threatening. 9:05 PM, Tue December 22, 2015 Knock Out Pneumococcal Disease: Understanding Vaccination Recommendations Pneumococcal immunization recommendations have changed multiple times in previous years, but the rationale behind the new recommendations may not be clearly understood. 11:58 PM, Mon December 21, 2015 Proposed Joint Commission Standard Spotlights Infectious Diseases Pharmacist Predicament The Joint Commission's proposed standard on antimicrobial stewardship means higher demand for infectious diseases pharmacists and physicians, but will there be enough specialists to satisfy it? 10:21 PM, Tue December 8, 2015 How Do You Dose Vancomycin in Obese Patients? More evidence is needed to figure out how to dose vancomycin in obese patients, but a new protocol could play a role. 2:33 AM, Tue November 24, 2015