Pharmacytimes: Condition Center: HIV HIV en-us Tue, 12 Dec 2017 02:05:16 UTC Tue, 12 Dec 2017 02:05:16 UTC Twenty-One Million HIV Patients Now Have Access to Antiretroviral Therapy Nearly 21 million individuals with HIV had access to antiretroviral therapy (ART) in June 2017 compared to 685,000 HIV-positive patients in 2000.&nbsp; 10:47 AM, Fri December 1, 2017 Time to HIV Diagnosis Improving, But Many Still Unaware of Infection Status Americans are getting tested and diagnosed with HIV sooner after infection, according to a recently-published CDC <em>Vital Signs</em> report. 3:07 PM, Wed November 29, 2017 First Complete 2-Drug HIV Regimen Gets FDA OK Juluca is indicated as a complete therapy for patients with HIV-1.<br /> &nbsp; 3:12 PM, Tue November 21, 2017 Monitoring the Gut Microbiome in Patients with HIV &quot;Gut microbiome&quot; is becoming a buzzword in the health care community. 8:00 AM, Mon November 13, 2017 Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV: Pharmacogenetic Considerations Pharmacists can expect to see considerably more information about the implications of pharmacogenetics for drug treatment in every disease state. 10:09 AM, Wed November 1, 2017 The Aging HIV Population: Tools to Monitor Medication With the aging of the HIV-positive population and the necessity of using multiple medications &ndash; many of which have significant potential for drug interactions &ndash; it&#39;s important to look for ways that we can minimize risk for this population. 10:22 AM, Wed October 25, 2017 CDC: Gaps in Care Retention Noted Among Children with HIV The National HIV Surveillance System tracks retention in care for adults diagnosed with HIV, but does not include children in its assessment. 8:00 AM, Tue October 10, 2017 Applying the Principles of Antimicrobial Stewardship to HIV 2:31 PM, Thu October 5, 2017 Bictegravir Combo Treatment Non-inferior to Boosted Protease Inhibitors in HIV? A fixed-dose combination of bictegravir and&nbsp;emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide (BIC/FTC/TAF) was non-inferior to&nbsp;boosted protease inhibitor (bPI)-based regimens in virologically suppressed adults with HIV, according to a recently-published phase 3 study.&nbsp; 2:26 PM, Thu October 5, 2017 Meeting National HIV/AIDS Strategy Goals Could Save 200k Lives Achieving National HIV/AIDs target goal could prevent an estimated 200,000 deaths over 20 years, according to a study recently published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases.&nbsp; 2:12 PM, Thu October 5, 2017 Daily Coffee Consumption Boosts Survival in HIV/HCV Patients? Coffee drinking can cut down risk of all-cause mortality in patients with HIV and hepatitis C virus (HCV) by half, according to a 5-year study published in the <em>Journal of Hepatology.</em> 9:34 AM, Wed September 27, 2017 Living with HIV after 50: Know Patient Statistics As HIV becomes a disease of older Americans, it is time for all health care professionals to recognize the age-associated comorbidities unique to this population. 12:54 PM, Mon September 25, 2017 Thalidomide: A New Niche in HIV? In recent years, thalidomide and similar molecular entities have reentered the clinical milieu and have been approved for several indications. 8:00 AM, Thu September 21, 2017 US Details Plan to Accelerate Progress Toward HIV Prevention In Lesotho, more than 67% of all HIV-positive adults ages 15-59 have been able to achieve viral load suppression.&nbsp; 10:56 AM, Wed September 20, 2017 FDA Approves Oral Granules for the Treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis in Adult Women The FDA approval of this 5-nitroimidazole antimicrobial agent was supported by 2 studies of women with BV and an open label safety study, which found efficacy for single-dose secnidazole 2 g. 12:31 PM, Mon September 18, 2017 2017 Guidelines for Chronic Pain Management in Patients with HIV 12:11 PM, Mon September 18, 2017 5 of the Top Recently-Published Articles on HIV Annually, the <em>Journal of Pharmacy Practice</em> publishes a list of the most significant publications covering infectious disease pharmacotherapy from the previous year. 11:41 AM, Thu September 14, 2017 Liver Fibrosis Accelerated in Menopausal Women with HIV, HCV Co-Infection After adjusting for chronological age, the findings showed liver fibrosis was accelerated during peri-menopause compared with pre-menopause. 11:01 AM, Sat September 9, 2017 More Medications Means Changes to HIV Treatment Guidelines The&nbsp;HIV&nbsp;treatment&nbsp;update&nbsp;includes&nbsp;more&nbsp;considerations&nbsp;for&nbsp;<br /> coinfected&nbsp;patients&nbsp;and&nbsp;pregnant&nbsp;women&nbsp;than&nbsp;the&nbsp;previously&nbsp;published&nbsp;2011&nbsp;guidelines.&nbsp; 10:22 AM, Tue September 5, 2017 Innovative Prevention Program Aims to Combat Opioid-Induced HIV, HCV Epidemics The program is a combination of research, health care services, and community involvement in harm reduction strategies. 2:12 PM, Sat August 26, 2017