Pharmacytimes: Condition Center: Cough and Cold Cough and Cold en-us Fri, 23 Feb 2018 06:41:06 UTC Fri, 23 Feb 2018 06:41:06 UTC Pharmacists Play Key Role in Driving Cough and Cold Treatment Choices Pharmacists can help consumers make decisions on the best OTC options. 3:08 PM, Thu February 22, 2018 Double Dosing: Helping Patients Understand the Risks During Cold Season It&rsquo;s a good time to talk to patients about the potential risks of taking over-the- counter (OTC) cold and flu medication and other OTC or prescription analgesics and antipyretics concomitantly. 9:28 AM, Thu October 19, 2017 OTC Cough and Cold Medication Related Adverse Events in Children Many adverse events associated with OTC cold medications are related to accidental unsupervised ingestions or dosing errors, which means better education from pharmacists and other health care providers may help reduce these events, according to a study published in <em>Pediatrics</em> this month.<br /> &nbsp; 9:56 AM, Mon May 8, 2017 Safe Use of OTC Cough Products: When and How Make a Difference Cough is a common symptom for which many patients seek advice at urgent care clinics and emergency departments, especially when they experience episodes during peak allergy season due to postnasal drip and congestion. 8:26 AM, Wed April 19, 2017 Maternal Vaccination Dramatically Reduces Pertussis Risk in Newborns The study population consisted of 148,981 infants born in Kaiser Permanente hospitals in Northern California from 2006-2015. The percentage of infants whose mothers received Tdap during pregnancy increased from less than 1% in 2006-2008, to nearly 12% in 2010, and over 87% by 2015.&nbsp; 2:45 PM, Tue April 4, 2017 Proper Use of OTC Cough Medications: Back to the Basics Cold and flu season is the time of the year when pharmacists are more likely to see patients scanning the pharmacy shelves in search of the perfect remedy to manage a cough. 12:50 PM, Mon November 21, 2016 Self-Care for Cough, Cold, and Flu Which OTC products should these pharmacists recommend? 10:44 AM, Mon November 21, 2016 Patients with Colds Report Annoying Urge to Cough, But Often Don't Seek Treatment Cough is the most aggravating late-stage cold symptom. 10:30 PM, Wed July 20, 2016 Pharmacy Tech Accused of Stealing Cough Meds for Months A pharmacy technician is pleading not guilty to larceny of drugs from her Massachusetts pharmacy. 9:00 PM, Wed June 1, 2016 Vitamin D Does Not Prevent Colds in Asthma Patients The results of a recent study indicate that patients with asthma cannot reduce their risk of developing the common cold by taking vitamin D supplements. 9:26 PM, Sun April 17, 2016 When to See Your Health Care Provider about Your Cough Although coughing can be annoying, it is the body's way of clearing the throat and airways and helps to prevent infection. 9:17 PM, Tue April 12, 2016 The Cold Facts About the Urge to Cough Coughing is a simple brainstem-mediated reflex, but the urge to cough follows a complex pathway across higher-order brain regions. 10:00 PM, Tue April 5, 2016 3 Findings on Colds You May Have Missed Three studies published last year provide useful information on risk factors for colds, which affect adults 2 to 3 times a year. 9:42 PM, Sun April 3, 2016 Macrolides May Help Asthma Patients Battle Chronic Cough Greater than 10% of referrals to respiratory specialists are for chronic cough, given the condition's persistent, refractory nature. 9:00 PM, Thu March 17, 2016 3 Cough Care Findings Pharmacists Should Know Experts around the world recently assembled at the 5th American Cough Conference to discuss the latest findings in cough care. 1:14 AM, Wed March 16, 2016 Special Considerations for Nasal Decongestants in Certain Populations Cough and cold season is coming to an end, but allergy season is now upon us. 3:24 AM, Mon March 14, 2016 What Pharmacists Should Know About Postnasal Drip Nearly 40% of the total population will complain of chronic cough over the course of their lifetime. 7:00 AM, Mon March 7, 2016 3 Facts About the Common Cold You May Not Know The common cold is indeed common, given that its incidence is higher than that of any other human illness. 7:00 AM, Wed March 2, 2016 E-Cigarettes Inhibit Cough Reflex Sensitivity Electronic cigarettes comprise a nearly $3 billion market in the United States. 10:18 PM, Sun February 28, 2016 Rhinovirus Vaccine Development Could Be Possible Colds pose an economic strain on society each year in the form of missed days at work or school and medical attention. 9:00 PM, Sun February 21, 2016