Pharmacytimes: Condition Center: Asthma Asthma en-us Mon, 23 Oct 2017 08:47:46 UTC Mon, 23 Oct 2017 08:47:46 UTC How to Improve Outcomes for Asthma Patients Pharmacists are in a prime position to offer guidance to those who have this often under-treated chronic disease. 4:13 AM, Fri October 20, 2017 Vitamin D Reduces Severe Asthma Attacks in Adults? Oral vitamin D supplementation, in addition to asthma medications, could reduce the risk of asthma attacks requiring hospital attendance by 50%, according to a recently-published study in <em>The Lancet of Respiratory Medicine.</em> 2:17 PM, Thu October 5, 2017 Many Adults with Asthma Haven't Received Pneumococcal Vaccine People with work-related asthma are particularly vulnerable to pneumococcal pneumonia. 12:31 PM, Tue October 3, 2017 Folic Acid and Asthma: Breathing Easy About Supplementation Recently, experimental animal interventions have suggested that folic acid intake that exceeds the recommended dose may increase risk of respiratory disease in offspring. 10:12 AM, Tue September 26, 2017 Can Exposing Infants to Allergens Help Reduce Childhood Asthma Risk? Early life exposure to pet or pest allergens may reduce the likelihood of asthma development in young children, according to a recently-published study in the <em>Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology</em>.<sup>1</sup> 10:39 AM, Wed September 20, 2017 Childhood Respiratory Tract Infections Linked to Asthma Later On Lower respiratory tract infections were associated with worse outcomes.&nbsp; 9:03 AM, Thu September 14, 2017 Asthma Symptoms Misinterpreted as Respiratory Tract Infections? Children with asthma were approximately 1.6 times more likely to be prescribed antibiotics, compared to children who do not have asthma.&nbsp; 9:30 AM, Wed September 13, 2017 Asthma and Trouble with Fertility Link Explored The researchers noted that although the study does not prove that asthma caused the reduced fertility, they said the correlation may suggest better asthma control may facilitate efforts to become pregnant. 10:56 AM, Tue September 12, 2017 An Indian Health Service Ambulatory Care Resident Describes Her Experience An interview with Dr. Kaley Holmstrom, an IHS Ambulatory Care Resident at the Fort Defiance Indian Hospital in Fort Defiance, AZ 9:12 PM, Wed September 6, 2017 What's the Best Way to Get Students to Take Their Asthma Medication? Study examines how a school nursing intervention helped reduce missed school days.&nbsp; 9:56 AM, Wed August 30, 2017 Influenza vs. the Common Cold: Which One Is It? The thing is, you still may get sick after getting the flu because there are other things such as the common cold that might cross your path. 9:54 PM, Thu August 24, 2017 Global Burden of Disease: Asthma and COPD The prevalence of lung conditions worldwide has increased, despite the overall decrease in the prevalence and death rates for asthma between 1990 and 2015, according to the results of the 2015 Global Burden of Disease (GBD) Study. 11:20 AM, Thu August 17, 2017 Probiotic Use and Eczema, Asthma Prevention: No Conclusive Evidence A study published in<em> Pediatrics</em> found no conclusive evidence to support the use of probiotics to prevent eczema and asthma in high-risk infants. 9:00 AM, Wed August 9, 2017 Does Exposure to Pollution Lead to Asthma for Future Generations? Offspring of pollutant-exposed ancestors also showed elevated levels of interleukin proteins that are involved in regulating the immune system, which are a marker of asthma risk. 10:49 AM, Tue August 1, 2017 Repurposed Asthma Drug Shows Potential in Type 2 Diabetes Treatment An asthma drug may potentially be useful in treating type 2 diabetes, according to a recently-published study. 12:12 PM, Wed July 19, 2017 Sugar Consumption During Pregnancy May Cause Allergies and Allergic Asthma in Children Researchers at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom have published a study in <em>European Respiratory Journal</em> that analyzed sugar intake during pregnancy and the relationship to allergies and asthma in children. 3:00 PM, Fri July 7, 2017 Could This Cancer Drug Benefit Patients with Severe Asthma? An early-phase study suggests that a targeted cancer drug, imatinib (Gleevec, Novartis), may help treat patients with severe asthma. 6:08 AM, Fri May 19, 2017 Children With Asthma Face Heightened Obesity Risk <p>The results of a recent study indicate that children with asthma may be more likely to develop obesity than those without the respiratory condition.</p> 3:44 PM, Thu April 20, 2017 Obesity, Asthma, and Dietary Intake: Paying Attention Can Reduce Morbidity Patients who have asthma and who are also obese carry a heavy burden.&nbsp; 7:00 AM, Wed April 5, 2017 Mothers with Low Vitamin E Levels More Likely to Have Children with Asthma? Children born to mothers with low vitamin E levels may be more likely to require asthma medications.&nbsp; 1:50 PM, Tue March 7, 2017