Can You Read These Rxs?

Published Online: Thursday, December 1, 2005

1. Four different pharmacists at Express Scripts mail-order pharmacy figured that this prescription was for Solu-Medrol, but then dismissed that idea, because it is not available in an inhalation form, which was what the patient required. When they called the prescribing physician, they were told what it really was. Can you tell what the doctor ordered?

2. When Paul Faerstein, PharmD, supervising pharmacist and owner of Zuckerman Pharmacy in Brooklyn, NY, received this prescription, he and his coworkers thought it might be for Westcort at first. They were eventually able to reach the prescribing physician, who informed them it was something else entirely. Can you decipher this prescription?

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Rx 1: Salmeterol (Serevent).

Rx 2: Noritrate 1% 30 g.

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