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BocaGreenMD: Prena1 Generic Prescription Prenatal Vitamins

Not All Generic Prescription Prenatals Are Created Equal

BocaGreenMD is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in providing generic pharmaceutical and nutritional health care products focused on improving the health, wellness, and quality of life for women of all ages.

BocaGreenMD’s Prena1 line of generic prescription prenatal vitamins contains a unique, proprietary blend of 1 mg of folate as 600 mcg of Quatrefolic®, the fourth-generation folate that bypasses MTHFR polymorphisms, and 400 mcg of folic acid:

All Prena1 prenatal vitamins are gluten, lactose, sugar, and fish free.

Prena1, Prena1 Plus, and Prena1 Chew are available by prescription only at chain, independent, and mail order pharmacies throughout the United States. $15 rebate coupons for all 3 products are offered to patients at and at many pharmacies nationwide.

BocaGreenMD is a subsidiary of TherapeuticsMD, a specialty pharmaceutical company based in Boca Raton, Florida, that is focused on the sales, marketing, and development of branded and generic pharmaceutical and OTC products primarily for the women’s health care market.

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