Pharmacy Times


The concept is simple. The nonprofit organization wants to reduce the volume of prescriptions going into foreign markets via mail order and the Internet. Pharmacies use the program to create goodwill with patients, which will ensure that they keep their business. is used for individuals who have no benefits, and it also can be used as a supplement for patients who need to a fill a script for nonformulary drugs.

"We are committed to keeping the neighborhood pharmacy the cornerstone of American health care," said Ryan D. Jumonville, president and chief executive officer of the company. "This can be accomplished by working with pharmacies to provide their customers with a program that will help contain their drug costs. Giving customers a program like will help reduce the increasing shift towards mail order," he added.

The organization also has launched a private-label program for pharmacies whose owners want to encourage participation and drive up use. has collaborated with individual pharmacies to help increase membership and create new customers. For more information about or its incentive program, visit