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A new program, MyFluVaccine, allows health care providers to order influenza vaccine for delivery on their specified dates for the upcoming influenza season, solving the uncertainty of the US flu vaccine delivery. This unique program relieves flu vaccine providers of concerns over scheduling vaccine clinics, frantic searches for product, and frustrated patients impatient for their flu vaccine.

At, launched by FFF Enterprises Inc, providers can place flu vaccine orders and guarantee their orders for delivery on specific days they select. The program also allows providers to view product availability and access key data about flu prevention and treatment.

"We are truly excited to introduce this revolutionary new program," said Patrick M. Schmidt, FFF's chief executive officer. "MyFluVaccine helps resolve the frustration of past vaccination seasons. All health care providers, large and small, now have fair and unprecedented access to the traditionally unpredictable US flu vaccine distribution." For more information, visit, or call 800-843-7477.