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Experts Offer Advice for Reducing Holiday Stress

Author: Kate H. Gamble, Senior Editor

Overly high expectations for the holidays relating to events, family relationships, gifts, and food can trigger anxiety and even depression, and self-care often gets left by the wayside, according to psychiatrists at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center, who offer tips for handling holiday stress.

Mallay Occhiogrosso, MD, cautions individuals to dial down the unrealistic ‘Hallmark holiday’ fantasies and prioritize self-care.

Another psychiatrist, Eric Marcus, MD, noted that “During the holidays, our lives become even more stressful as we try to juggle our usual responsibilities with extra holiday preparation and complicated family dynamics.”

Drs. Occhiogrosso and Marcus have provided the following advice to help individuals keep holiday stress to a minimum:
Finally, remember that doing less may help you to enjoy the season more, noted Drs. Occhiogrosso and Marcus.

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