Why Pharmacists Should Recommend Asthma Spacers
Allison Gilchrist and Katie Eder, Director of Content
Pharmacists should recommend asthma spacers to patients taking inhaler therapy for uncontrolled asthma because the devices can help improve hand-breath coordination while reducing side effects of inhaled medication.
Jeannette Y. Wick, RPh, MBA, FASCP
HIV and tuberculosis (TB) have both been associated with low vitamin D levels, and so has treatment with efavirenz.
Krystle Vermes
Novo Nordisk has submitted a supplemental application to the FDA to include data from the 2 phase 3b SWITCH trials in the prescribing information for insulin degludec (Tresiba), a once-daily basal insulin that provides a duration of action beyond 42 hours for patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
Meperidine was synthetically derived in 1939 as an anticholinergic agent, but was discovered to possess analgesic properties shortly after.
New study results show broad-spectrum antibiotic use within 2 years of life increases type 1 diabetes (T1D) risk in Caesarean-delivered children.
Contact lens-related keratitis is on the rise, according to a recent CDC report.
It’s completely normal to not want to be blamed for something, and it’s also completely normal to blame others.
Jeannette Y. Wick, RPh, MBA, FASCP
Traditionally, the World’s Fair artistic exhibitions have incorporated elements from current scientific evolution. For example, families applied industrial science and the scientific method to everyday life in the early 20th century, so modern art emphasized reductionism in an ever more complicated world.

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Wholesalers, Grocers, Regional Chains and State Pharmacist Groups Back Legislation
Medicines for Europe and GPhA are committed to supporting positive developments of the negotiations for a TTIP and in particular the regulatory cooperation of pharmaceuticals therein.
ASCP Looks to Fast-Paced October and November
Emmy-award-winning writer and Saturday Night Live alumnus Seth Meyers will headline the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) Foundation Dinner, which will be held on December 1, 2016, in New York City.
In our view, the recent focus and attention being paid to drug prices has the potential to bear positive results.

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FLAVORx Helps Retail Partners Improve the Pharmacy Experience by Personalizing Medication for Young Children

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Price Chopper and Market 32 customers and teammates from throughout the company’s six state footprint helped raise $23,679 during the month-long fundraising campaign for United Way.
To help meet the growing need for skin care resources and accessible care and treatment, Walgreens has launched a new skin care answers platform.
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