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Stephen F. Eckel, PharmD, MHA, Pharmacy Times Health-System Edition editor, talks about the challenges that health-system pharmacists are currently facing.
Joseph Moose, PharmD, and owner of Moose Pharmacy, discusses problems that independent pharmacies face.
Karen J. McConnell, PharmD, FCCP, BCPS, describes differences in treatment for dyslipidemia.
Simon Lu, pharmacy student at Rutgers University's Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, talks about a big issue in pharmacy.
Jeffrey Yang, pharmacy student at Rutgers' Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, offers a fun fact he learned in pharmacy school.
Daniel Kraft, MD, chair of medicine at Singularity University and chair/founder of Exponential Medicine, discusses Mobile Health's impact on pharmacies.
Joseph Moose, PharmD, owner of Moose Pharmacy, talks about what it is like to be the fourth generation to run Moose Pharmacy, and challenges/benefits that come with it.
Ed Cohen, PharmD, FAPhA, and senior clinical director at Walgreens, as a member of the college advisory committee at MWU, gives advice to this year's graduating class.
Vivian Wu, pharmacy student at Rutgers University's Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, talks an important issue in pharmacy.
Karen J. McConnell, Pharm.D., FCCP, BCPS, talks about the role that products like PCSK9 will play in the future.
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