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Stephen F. Eckel, PharmD, MHA, gives his impressions of the 2015 American Pharmacists Association Annual Meeting and Exposition.
Matthew Foreman, pharmacy student at the University of the Sciences Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, discusses an important lesson learned in pharmacy school.
Joseph Moose, PharmD, owner of Moose Pharmacy, talks about how to build loyalty and trust among customers.
Ed Cohen, PharmD, FAPhA, senior clinical director at Walgreens, talks about the future of ACOs.
Karen J. McConnell, Pharm.D., FCCP, BCPS, talks about changes that may come from the updated ACC/AHA Guidelines.
Simon Lu, pharmacy student at Rutgers University's Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, shares why he decided to go to pharmacy school.
Joseph Moose, PharmD, and owner of Moose Pharmacy, gives advice to pharmacy students looking to own their own independent pharmacies.
Ed Cohen, PharmD, FAPhA, and senior clinical director at Walgreens talks about community pharmacies' ability to improving medication adherence.
Karen J. McConnell, PharmD, FCCP, BCPS, gives her thoughts on whether or not LDL is still the most important lipoprotein marker.
Daniel Kraft, MD, chair of medicine at Singularity University and chair/founder of Exponential Medicine, discusses pharmacogenomics' role in pharmacy practices.
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