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Finding the Right Treatment for Managing Your Acne
Patients should understand how to use OTC and prescription medications that treat acne and follow preventive measures to reduce acne flare-ups or prevent this common dermatologic condition.
Patients learn what OTC items to have in their medicine cabinets, and how to dispose of old medications safely.
Dietary Supplements and Heart Health
To maintain good "heart health," a good diet, exercise, and quitting smoking are essential; nutritional supplements may also help.
Understanding and Managing Migraines
Migraines can affect patients differently--simple explanations are presented here to help educate patients on causes, diagnosis, prevention, and treatments.
A Word on Heartburn
Many OTC options are currently available to relieve heartburn. This article will help patients find the right medication for them.
Patient Education: Depression: Beating the Blues

This article will help patients with depression to understand their treatment options and know what to expect from their medications.

How to Treat Common Skin Infections
Helpful advice for your patients on treating bacterial skin infections.
Understanding the Metabolic Syndrome
Dr. Brown is an assistant professor of pharmacy practice at Palm Beach Atlantic University, Lloyd L. Gregory School of Pharmacy,West Palm Beach, Fla.
High Blood Pressure: Getting the Most Out of Home Monitoring
Dr. Lewis is a pharmacy practice resident at University of Colorado (UC) Hospital. Dr. Page is an associate professor of clinical pharmacy and physical medicine and a clinical specialist, Division of Cardiology, UC Health Sciences Center, Schools of Pharmacy and Medicine.
Calming the Symptoms of Menopause
Dr. Brown is an assistant professor of pharmacy practice at Lloyd L. Gregory School of Pharmacy, Palm Beach Atlantic University, West Palm Beach, Fla.
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