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The Educated Patient™
These stubborn bugs live on the scalp for up to 30 days. Here's a how-to guide for preventing and treating head lice in children.
Patients should understand how to avoid their triggers and treat painful migraine attacks.
Patients should understand the importance of folic acid, iron, calcium, and omega-3s in pregnancy.
Patients learn approaches for treating different forms of conjunctivitis.
Patients need education about the potential pitfalls of taking herbal supplements.
Patients taking antiretroviral therapy can maximize their therapy when pharmacists educate them about their medication regimens.
When older patients are deficient in vitamins B and D, calcium, and iron, dietary supplementation can help them find nutritional balance.
Helping patients understand and identify anemia's underlying cause can promote adherence to treatment.
Patients may find it difficult to distinguish between a cold and the flu, and pharmacists can help them determine if self treatment is appropriate.
When insomnia begins to negatively impact a patient's quality of life, pharmacists can explain the nonpharmalogic and pharmalogic treatment options.
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