Pharmacytimes:Condition Center: Melanoma Melanoma | PharmacyTimes en-us Wed, 16 Apr 2014 07:14:40 EDT Wed, 16 Apr 2014 07:14:40 EDT Melanoma: The Promise of Immunotherapy, which is based on changes observed at the molecular level, presents an additional treatment option for melanoma that may result in better response rates and, possibly, a cure.Tue, 27 Aug 2013 12:07:30 EDTPediatric Melanoma on the Rise of melanoma in children have increased 2% per year since the 1970s, with girls, those aged 15 to 19, and those living in areas with high UV-B exposure at greatest risk.Sun, 02 Jun 2013 05:40:01 EDTAspirin May Help Prevent Melanoma population-based study of older Caucasian women indicated that taking aspirin regularly over a longer period led to greater reduction in risk of developing melanoma.Tue, 09 Apr 2013 09:00:00 EDTNew DNA Mutations Discovered in Malignant Melanomas mutations, which may be the most common in melanoma cells, share genetic hallmarks with other ultraviolet light-induced mutations.Fri, 15 Mar 2013 09:19:18 EDTMelanoma: Finding the One-Two Punch that Works test of combinations of hundreds of agents, including statins, on metastatic melanoma cells found a number of combinations that showed promise.Wed, 13 Feb 2013 09:19:01 ESTIncreasing Incidence of Melanoma Among Young Adults Reed, MD, discusses the results of his study on the incidence of melanoma among young adults.Mon, 28 Jan 2013 04:55:58 ESTNSAIDS and Skin Cancer: Reduced Risk? pair of studies that aimed to determine whether nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can reduce the risk of skin cancer have produced conflicting results.Mon, 21 Jan 2013 02:56:58 ESTCombatting Treatment Resistance in Metastatic Melanoma Therapy drugs under review by the FDA—dabrafenib and trametinib—seem to slow development of treatment resistance in patients with metastatic malignant melanoma.Mon, 26 Nov 2012 04:46:01 ESTTranslating Evidence-Based Research into Value-Based Decisions in Oncology a meeting hosted by the American Journal of Managed Care, key figures in the managed care industry discussed innovative payment models being utilized by payers and providers.Tue, 20 Nov 2012 12:30:15 ESTMelanoma: Minding Markers, Making Progress accounts for just 5% of skin cancer cases, but 3 times as many deaths as all non-melanoma skin cancers combined.Thu, 27 Sep 2012 01:15:20 EDTThere’s an App for That: University of Michigan Releases Skin Cancer Self-Audit App app for iPhone and iPad allows users to use whole body photography to track moles that may develop into melanoma.Thu, 27 Sep 2012 01:14:10 EDTResearchers Discover T-Cell That Fights Melanoma T-cell usually associated with allergies and asthma may be effective in fighting melanoma, according to the results of a recent study.Thu, 27 Sep 2012 01:13:01 EDTOcular Melanoma Test Developed to Determine Mortality Risk at Washington University in St. Louis have developed a genetic test to help predict survival odds for patients with ocular melanoma.Thu, 27 Sep 2012 01:12:44 EDTOne, Two! Better Results with Combined Therapy therapy with the BRAF inhibitor vemurafenib and immunotherapy appears to produce improved results in a mouse model.Thu, 27 Sep 2012 01:11:41 EDTStrawberries With That Cream? extracted from strawberries demonstrated an ability to protect cell culture against DNA damage from ultraviolet radiation, raising the possibility that they could help produce creams to protect against melanoma and other skin cancers.Thu, 27 Sep 2012 01:10:01 EDTProgress in the Treatment of Metastatic Melanoma panel of experts discusses a range of topics relating to metastatic melanoma, including new treatment approaches, clinical trial updates, and managing side effects and pain. Wed, 26 Sep 2012 11:56:23 EDTMelanoma Surveillance in the US: Melanoma, Ultraviolet Radiation, and Socioeconomic Status Johnson, from the Cancer Data Registry of Idaho, discusses the results of several studies that examined the relationship between rates of melanoma and ultraviolet radiation and socioeconomic status recorded at the county level.Wed, 26 Sep 2012 11:54:17 EDTMedically Speaking: Melanoma Kesmodel, MD, of the University of Maryland Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Cancer Center in Baltimore, discusses diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of melanoma.Wed, 26 Sep 2012 11:52:41 EDTNew Treatment Options for Advanced Melanoma melanoma experts discuss new treatments for the condition, including vemurafenib (Zelboraf) and ipilimumab (Yervoy).Wed, 26 Sep 2012 10:52:56 EDTSkin Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Brownell, MD, PhD, of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, discusses means of preventing and detecting skin cancers, including basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma.Wed, 26 Sep 2012 10:38:32 EDT