Do You Want to Be a Concierge Pharmacist?

AUGUST 22, 2012
Can a pharmacist make a living as a self-employed Concierge Pharmacist? I received an email with Concierge Pharmacist as the subject and was intrigued. 
Even more surprising to me was that, when I did a Web search on “Concierge Pharmacist,” I received a number of hits, suggesting that a number of people are offering similar services. Maybe it’s not for everyone, but what a neat idea! Someone could begin developing this service on the side while working full-time.
On occasion I hear pharmacists complain about their working situation and say they feel as if they have no options except to just put up with their situation. Rather than feel sorry for them, I might challenge them to become an entrepreneur. I would imagine that you could start up a “concierge pharmacist” business without a whole lot of up-front capital investment. More importantly for me, as I reflected on the email I was encouraged that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in pharmacy.


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