Do Speedy Prescription Guarantees Compromise Safety?

JULY 31, 2011
In a recent Web exclusive article, Pharmacy Times reported on this concern by pharmacists regarding the “15-Minute Prescription Guarantee.” See:

Why do employee pharmacists feel so trapped that they accept working conditions that they feel are unsafe? As professionals, shouldn’t we do what’s right first?

Yes, I know it is easy for me to raise that question because my job is not on the line, but unless we are willing to stand up for ourselves and our patient’s safety we will continue to get pushed around. Sure we can ask NABP and Boards of Pharmacy to condemn this practice of a time guarantee on filling a prescription, but will that stop the practice if the company thinks it gives them a marketing advantage? Pharmacists need to take control of their destiny, not hide behind some Board of Pharmacy opinion or even a rule.

What do you think the solution is and how can pharmacists speak up without putting their jobs in jeopardy?


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