The Next 5 Years: Pharmacy Forecast 2014-2018

JANUARY 22, 2014
The new Pharmacy Forecast 2014-2018 from the ASHP Research and Education Foundation’s Center for Health-System Pharmacy Leadership is now available and offers predictions regarding 8 trends that are likely to challenge health-system pharmacy practice leaders.
I call your attention to this report, available online from the ASHP Foundation, as it offers a close look at what is happening in pharmacy in general.
Although written from the health-system perspective, this report is of value to all pharmacy leaders. For one thing, health systems are becoming competitive in all areas of pharmacy, so seeing how those in this practice setting see the current state of pharmacy and how it is changing is essential. Keeping up with what is happening in another pharmacy sector can provide insights into what is likely to happen in your own sector later. Getting a glimpse of how futurists are forecasting changes in the health-system sector can help you anticipate how change may affect your own future.
Being aware gives you the opportunity to prepare.


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