The Reinvented Pharmacist
This blog focuses on what our Editor-in-Chief sees as the future of pharmacy.
News & Views
Mike Hennessy shares his views and perspectives on issues that affect pharmacists.
Eric, Pharmacist
Eric Durbin, RPh, discusses the challenges that pharmacists face today, and what is needed to advance the profession.
For the Record
Darshan Kulkarni, a pharmacist and attorney based out of Kulkarni Law firm (Philadelphia, PA), will provide insights on the legal, regulatory, administrative, and ethical issues that can affect pharmacists in their everyday practice.
Redheaded Pharmacist
The Redheaded Pharmacist is a popular blog about pharmacy written from the perspective of a retail pharmacist about his experiences "being a very small part of the huge United States healthcare system."
Compounding in the Kitchen
In this blog, Jill Drury, a clinical pharmacy specialist based in Chicago, Illinois, will talk about her passions—pharmacy and cooking, and how she has managed to blend the two. She will provide insights on compounding, along with recipes for healthy dishes, and will relate stories from her experiences.
Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency
This blog is designed to keep pharmacists educated about the truth behind drug costs and keep them informed on the misinformation spread by PBMs.
Piller of the Community
This blog will highlight the pharmacist's role in preventive medicine. When diet and exercise are the prescription, specially trained pharmacists are the ones to fill it. It will also focus on current trends in pharmacy such as politics, customer service, and health care ethics. There will also be the occasional pharmacy humor piece.
Money Matters
In this blog, the editor of Physician's Money Digest tackles financial issues impacting today's younger health care professionals, including recent graduates, students, and individuals who need a crash course in finances. Have a question about how to handle your own financial challenges? Send it to us at
Focus on Current Thinking
Stephen Eckel is an avid reader on issues impacting the practice of health-system pharmacy. His writings discuss recent articles or books he has read, with perspectives on how they relate to the current practice of health-system pharmacy. He enjoys hearing feedback from readers of his work, even if they do not agree with his opinions.
Pharmacy Podcast Show
Todd S. Eury provides his perspectives on pharmacy policy, technology, and business practices in this regular podcast series.

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News & Views
Thursday, September 8, 2016
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Pharmacy Podcast Show
Tuesday, September 6, 2016
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